Events, Fundraisers and Wine in the Gardens

Wine Tasting & Events

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all events and activities have been cancelled until further notice!

Stay safe out there!







Thinking about sponsoring an event?  Need a place for some sort of gathering? 

Ask us about options to make your next group gathering or event possible.  We have multiple areas that an be used…from small groups n our Back Parlor, to spaces for larger groups inside the Annual House ( as seen in pictures above).  Outside venues include a covered “picnic” area out in front of the perennial house, the “Wine House” by the fireplace, or the whole side area with umbrella tables and access to the fireplace area.  Wine and beer service is available.  You may bring in food, if you wish, or have it catered.  Just call or stop by for more information!









Events, Fundraisers and Wine in the Gardens