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Feasel's Tree Nursery

Tree Nursery

Adding trees to your landscape can increase the beauty of your property as well as increase you home value, decrease cooling bills, and better the environment.  Not only will Feasel's help you find a tree for you, but will also give you proper instructions to care for it.  Come out to Feasel's Tree Nursery and see our wide selection of trees and shrubs.
Fruit trees and saplings
Fruit Trees
Fresh fruit, beneficial in so many ways, is widely regarded as essential to a healthy diet. So why not start your own fruit tree? At Feasel's we have a number of fruit trees that will grow heartily in Ohio weather conditions, such as apple trees, peach trees and more. We will also give you advice on how to plant and maintain your fruit tree for success!
Evergreen Trees and Pines
Sick of raking those pesky leaves each fall? Plant a few evergreens instead! Evergreens, as many already know, don't shed their leaves with the season. They are hearty and easy to maintain and make great natural wind and sound barriers when planted along a fence row.  Stop by Feasel's and check out our selection of ready-to-plant evergreen trees.
Balled and burlaped trees and saplings
Large Balled & Burlap Trees
Planting your own tree can be very rewarding for the entire family.  You children will get to watch the tree grow and bloom year after year.  Trees are relatively low maintenance but can have serious impact on any landscaping project.  We carry a large variety of ready-to-plant balled and burlaped trees.
shrubs and bushes
Shrubs & Bushes
Shrubs and bushes make great centerpieces in any flower garden or flowerbed.  With so many options to pick from the possibilities  are endless. Many shrubs also bloom in summer adding color and beauty to your landscape.  We carry a large selection of shrubs and bushes for dressing up your next landscaping project.

Benefits Of Investing In Trees

Below are just a few of the reason we would like to encourage you to invest in trees for your home.  The benefits of a simple tree can be more than you might imagine, and their natural beauty and versatility are astounding.
  • Keep our air supply clean
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Improve water quality
  • Help prevent erosion
  • Increase home values
  • Provide food and building materials
  • Create shade
  • Create beautiful landscapes
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