Spring or Fall Clean-ups

Spring or Fall Clean-ups

Spring and fall clean-ups are a great way to clean your landscaping beds and get them ready for spring planting or put them to bed for the winter.

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After the cold days of winter have passed we all like to get outdoors to take in some fresh spring air.  That’s when we notice the landscape may need a little help.  We can come over and clean the leaves out of your landscape beds, pick the sticks up off your lawn and spruce it up a little bit.


OK, we know it happens every year.  We enjoy the beauty of the fall colors and the cool evenings the season brings.  That also means we will have to clean-up all those leaves after they have fallen to the ground, trim back the perennials and any other debris laying around to get our landscapes ready for winter.  We here at Feasel’s would be happy to help you get this done.

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