Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Whether you know exactly what you want to do to change your landscape, or if you have no idea, our designers can help.

If plants have become overgrown, or are just not what you would like to see in your landscape, we can remove them for you.  And, if you like, they can be replaced with something new and different.

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A quality landscape or hardscape begins with a creative design.  Feasel’s landscape and hardscape design services are offered to fit your needs, with options that all involve making sure you get the landscape you want. Feasel’s can be with you every step of the project, or help the “Do It Yourself” gardener


Feasel’s have all the latest software available to help with your landscape and hardscape planning.  We can display your property digitally with several different looks so you can choose which landscape design you prefer before it is installed.

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Have ideas for a new landscape design or need help visualizing what your home will look like with those new trees or shrubs you have been thinking about?  We can help.  Give Feasel’s a call and we will schedule one of our landscape designers to meet with you to discuss your needs.

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