Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control

One of the keys to a great looking lawn is proper fertilization. Let Feasel’s treat your lawn to give it the look you have always wanted. Early Sign-Ups Are Now Available!

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Feasel’s 5 Round Feed & Green Fertilizing and Weed Control program offers the essential needs to your lawn throughout the season keeping your grass the greenest.  Feasel’s Feed & Green is a 5 step lawn fertilization and weed control program that will give you that healthy yard and eliminate broadleaf weeds.


Weeds not only steal water and nutrients from your lawn, but they make it look unsightly as well. Feasel’s can apply all types of herbicides to treat broad leaf weeds, crab grass, nut sedge and many other unwanted plants. Learn About Common Lawn Weeds & Prevention Tips »

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Our team can schedule your property for a one time application of fertilizer/weed control or sign you up for any of our multi-step programs.  Your property will be scheduled for fertilizer/weed control application in intervals of at least 5-7 weeks apart, depending on which program you are signed up for.  Our full service customers will receive free service calls for weeds that appear in their lawn between applications.

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