Deep Root Feeding

Deep Root Feeding

Get essential nutrients straight to the root of your trees and shrubs and large flowering plants with a deep root feeding from a Feasel’s Lawn Care Expert. Supplying your trees and shrubs with nutrients to the roots will cause longer brighter blooming periods for flowering plants and shrubs and stronger root systems for small trees.Deep root feeding is another service we can offer to help your tree improve its root system.

deep root feeding


  • Deep root feeding is especially important in the city where there is no new source for nutrients.
  • Deep root feedings are important in suburbs where leaves are removed that would normally compost and feed the roots of the tree.
  • Deep root feeding in the spring will encourage tip and leaf growth and in the fall will help develop roots.
  • Proper feeding of your ornamental trees and shrubs offers many benefits, including improved flowering, increased resistance to disease, and increased ability to ward off insect attacks.
  • Tree illnesses can be prevented.  In most cases, trees do not show signs of illness that the non-professional can recognize until it is too late.
  • Deep root tree and shrub feeding promotes a healthy and beautiful landscape for year-round enjoyment and reduced maintenance.
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Nothing helps small trees and flowering shrubs bloom longer and healthier than an injection of essential nutrients straight to the root system of your plants.  Feasel’s offers a deep root feeding program to boost tree and shrub growth.

Fertilizing your lawn is important but most people forget about their shrubs and trees.  Deep root feedings provide nutrients directly to the plants by being injected into the soil down to the root zone of the plant allowing for best absorption.  These feedings are scheduled once in the spring and once in the fall allowing your trees and shrubs in your landscape to flourish.  Give your shrubs and trees the nourishment they need to make them more beautiful every season.

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Your trees and shrubs are a growing investment that should increase in beauty and value with each passing season. Deep root feedings, scheduled on a regular basis, help to improve and protect your growing landscape investment.  Contact Feasel’s today and give your trees and shrubs the healthy glow they deserve.

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