Core Aeration

Core Aeration

Your lawn needs to breathe.  Scheduling a core aeration will help your lawn in so many ways.

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Soil becomes compacted from foot traffic and weather making it difficult for the turf to maintain healthy roots.  Feasel’s lawn aeration gives your lawn a breath of fresh air and allows it to get the nutrients it needs providing a stronger and greener lawn.


So what is the big deal about punching holes in your turf?  Punching holes in your lawn, known as lawn aeration, is key in maintaining a healthy lawn.  By aerating your yard, nutrients and air are able to reach the soil and roots giving the turf more of its essentials.  Over time, foot traffic and mowing will compact the soil making it difficult for lawns to breathe.  Compacted soil inhibits the growth of plants and can leave your lawn looking like it is lacking its luster. With Feasel’s Lawn Aeration, one of Feasel’s Lawn Experts will aerate your yard using a core aeration machine that extracts small plugs of soil out of the ground giving your lawn a breath of fresh air.  Core aeration will revitalize your lawn and keep it growing green throughout the season.

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