Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance

Feasel’s Home, Garden & Gift Shoppe is also home to the Feasel Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Division.

The Landscaping Division is composed of Designers, Estimators, and Installation Crews.  Whether you know exactly what you want to do to change your landscape, or if you have no idea, our designers can help.  Once they have put together a plan that you are pleased with, it will be turned over to the estimators.  They will be the ones to give you the pricing for your project.  You can request to have it broken into segments to do over time, or divided between work you would like to do, and work you want done for you.  After you have made a decision,  signed a contract, and paid half down on your project, it is given to the nursery manager to locate all of the plants that will be needed.  When everything has arrived on site, you can be placed on the schedule for the Installation crews.  After the installation is complete, your job is to maintain good watering and care practices, and ENJOY YOUR NEW LOOK!

Feasel’s Grounds Maintenance Division is a large umbrella for many different kinds of work.  If you need help in one or more of the following areas, call to make an appointment for someone to come out and determine just what is needed to improve the look of your landscape.