Feasel's Feed & Green 5 Round Lawn Fertilization Program

Lawn Fertilizer for Green Grass and Healthy Lawns by Feasels

Experience the growing power of Feasels Feed & Green 5 Round Lawn Fertilization program. Our affordable Feed & Green Program uses a slow release granular fertilizer to ensure continual lawn growth all season long.

For those looking for that rich full green lawn, the solution starts with lawn fertilization.  Feasel’s Feed & Green program keeps your lawn healthy throughout the season and helps protect from the stresses of drought, disease, and insects. More importantly, a healthy turf won’t let weeds stand a chance. Feasel’s Feed & Green program is developed to give your lawn what it needs at the right time.  So how do we do it?  Here is an in-depth explanation of our 5 step lawn fertilization process guaranteed to give you that healthy green lawn you've always wanted:

Feasel's Feed & Green 5 Round Fertilizing and Weed Control Program

Spring Lawn Fertilizer and Crabgrass Killer By Feasels

Round 1 - Spring Green Up

Feasel’s first round of lawn fertilizer and crabgrass preventer is applied once winter breaks, usually in late March to early April. Doing this in early spring is essential to build up your turf and to eliminate early weed problems such as crabgrass and foxtail.
  • Application Time: March - Early April
  • Fertilizer: Slow Release Granular Fertilizer
  • Weed Control: Crabgrass & Foxtail Prevention (Also Granular)
  • Uses: Jump starts grass growth and replenishes lawn root system after the stress of the winter season
Summer Lawn Fertilizer and Broadleaf Dandelion Weed Killer Feasels

Round 2 - Summer Starter

The second application is done in late May. This round contains fertilizer to giving your yard a burst of nutrients to start the summer as well as broadleaf weed control, stopping weeds like dandelions in their tracks.
  • Application Time: Late May
  • Fertilizer: Slow Release Granular Fertilizer With Essential Nutrients
  • Weed Control: Liquid Broadleaf & Weed Control (Dandelions, Pokeweeds, Clovers, Milkweed, etc.)
  • Uses: Preps lawn and roots for the upcoming stress of the hot summer temperatures. Slow release fertilizer ensures your lawn will continually receive essential nutrients needed to maintain healthy even with the stress of the summer sun.
Summer Grass Fertilizer and Summer Broadleaf Weed Prevention Feasels

Round 3 - Summer Survivor

During the high heat of the mid-summer, early July, it is important to give you lawn a fighting chance from the scolding summer sun and lack of rain.  Feasel’s third round lawn fertilization and broadleaf weed control supplies your turf with slow releasing nutrients to stay green in the heat while eliminating weeds that thrive in the summer.
  • Application Time: Early July
  • Fertilizer: Slow Release Granular Fertilizer With Essential Nutrients
  • Weed Control: Spot treatment of Broadleaf & Common Summer Weed Control (Dandelions, Pokeweeds, Clovers, Milkweed, etc.)
  • Uses: Helps your turf endure the stress of summer sun damage and lack of rainfall. Added weed control prevents the growth and pollination of common summer weeds that thrive in high heat temperatures.
Fall Fertilizer Weed Control and Inspect Grub Pest Prevention Feasels

Round 4 - Autumn Defence

The fourth application of Feasel’s Feed & Green prepares your yard for fall by providing essential nutrients and killing broadleaf weeds that are prone to flourish in the autumn.  Your Feasel’s Lawn Care Expert will also assess your lawn to check for any insect problems that often happen during the fall season and will make recommendations as needed.
  • Application Time: Mid August - Early September
  • Fertilizer: Slow Release Granular Fertilizer With Essential Nutrients
  • Weed Control: Liquid Weed killer stops the growth and pollination of common fall season weeds
  • Uses: Maintains health growth while focusing on fall weed prevention. Insect & Pest inspection ensures your yard will remain green and healthy and free of insects, pests, fungal infections, and diseases.
Winterizing Lawn Fertilizer with Essential Nutrients for Cold Weather Survival

Round 5 - Winter Ready

Feasel’s winterizing fertilizer is applied late fall and prepares your yard for the winter season.  The fifth round provides a balanced diet for your lawn to help protect from stresses caused by winter and will help your lawn to green up sooner in the next spring giving you a head start to the perfect lawn.
  • Application Time: Mid November
  • Fertilizer: Specially formulated winterizing fertilizer
  • Uses: Preps your lawn from the stress of cold winter weather by providing slow released nutrients to the root system. Helps lawn green up quicker next spring
Feasel’s Feed & Green program uses granular fertilizer giving a steady release of nutrients to your lawn allowing for less applications and a longer lasting healthy lawn.  Also, when you sign up for Feasel’s Feed & Green lawn fertilization program, ALL service calls for broadleaf weeds or other problems in your yard are FREE!  Contact Feasel’s today and start your way to the perfect lawn.
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