As you well know, these have been stressful times for everyone.  When the governor decreed that garden centers could be open, we were happy to be able to get back to our work.  Doing that, however, requires certain actions to keep both our customers and employees safe.  Below is a description of what we are doing to abide by the rules set down by the state of Ohio.

*Please do not enter our store if you are sick.

*Use physical distancing of at least 6′ from any other person, both inside and outside at our facility.

*Limit of 15 customers, total, inside the store at any one time.  We ask that when waiting in line to check out, only ONE family member to wait inside with the items to be purchased.  This will help with congestion that may develop near the check-out counter.

*Cleaning of common surfaces is being done as often as possible.

*Help us stretch our supply by sanitizing yourself before entering with your own sanitizer if possible.

*Our Business Office is a very small space, so it will be closed to customers.  See clerk to arrange assistance with office staff.

*Patience!  We are doing our best to observe needed restrictions, it may take extra time.  Please bear with us to better serve you.